Out of snow days, FLG abortion resolution, state control of zoning.

Another WINTER STORM WARNING late Tuesday into Thursday with an expected 18-24″ in Flagstaff and snow levels dropping to desert floors. LINK to latest from NWS.

Out of snow days, Flagstaff Unified School District, FUSD, to take away early release Wednesday’s starting March 1 to make up for 10 snow days so far this winter. Only three snow days were built into the years schedule.

Phoenix Police arrest man for allegedly trying to sell a baby tiger cub online. According to 12News “Carlos Alcaraz was taken into custody after investigators executed a search warrant and rescued a baby tiger that had been advertised online for $25,000, police said.”

Flagstaff City Council to vote on a resolution supporting abortion at its 3pm March 7 meeting declaring the City Council’s opposition to the “United States Supreme Court Decision” and “opposing Arizona Law Criminalizing Abortion” and supporting “constitutional rights” of “pregnant persons”.

Senate Bill 1117 by Senator Steve Kaiser would dramatically limit cities over 25,000 from regulating certain zoning and building requirements. The bill would allow up to 80′ buildings if within 2 miles of a train stop, smaller lots, mobile homes if anchored by foundation after placement, multi family units on smaller lots and would drastically reduce setback requirements while also allowing accessory dwelling units to be occupied by a person other than the owner or family.

New episode of Oravits Overload now available.

+ check out 10′ High and Rising!

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