Flagstaff area 6th snowiest winter season so far.

At 153.2” of snow as of today, Flagstaff is seeing its 6th snowiest winter season to date. The latest storm dropped almost 3’ at the Flagstaff airport.

With a couple months of the winter season remaining, the snowiest season record of 210” dating back to 1973 is well within reach.

Year to date compared to other winters Flagstaff has received the second most snow, however the winter season snowfall is measured from July 1 through June 30th, making this season the 6th snowiest on record compared to past winter seasons.

The 48’-49’ winter season was impressive at 167” and was the 4th snowiest winter season on record but most of that season’s snow was received in two storms in about a one week period totaling 104.8” in January of that year. The 22’-23’ season has been unique with consistent snow nearly every week since December.

In the past Flagstaff has received large storms in March and April so the likelihood of breaking more records and even taking the top snowiest spot is still possible. Flagstaff will need another 23.9” in the coming months to see its 2nd snowiest winter season and another 56.8” of snow this season to break into the snowiest season on record.

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  1. We hope Jeff & Angela are doing NOTHING today. See you Monday on the radio 📻 😀 😉 😎 😊
    Sincerely, Jillian & Tom of Flagstaff, Las Vegas & 🇨🇦 🍁 Canada eh ? 😉

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