Flagstaff City Council votes to support late term abortions

After hours of public comment Tuesday night, the Flagstaff City Council voted 6-1 in favor of a resolution that supports late term abortion for “pregnant persons” and requested that the Flagstaff Police Department divert resources to “protect the physical, psychological, and socioeconomic wellbeing of pregnant persons”.

The resolution, which opposes Arizona’s ban on abortions beyond 15 weeks as enacted by Senate Bill 1164 last year, prohibits abortions in the state after 15 weeks, except in case that the pregnancy causes danger to the pregnant woman. The council also opposed the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health ruling by the US Supreme Court which overturned Roe v Wade and returned the abortion issue to the states.

Dozens of concerned citizens spoke before a packed council chamber with the vast majority in opposition to the resolution with many pointing out that the city has no jurisdiction over the matter and that there are other pressing issues the council should be spending time on.

Photo credit Bob Thorpe

Several attendees spoke in favor of the resolution with one person stating that she didn’t want to “be forced” to be a mother because of “all the problems in the world like climate change “.

The resolution also asks the Flagstaff Police department to divert resources to “protect the physical, psychological, and socioeconomic wellbeing of pregnant persons”. Some questioned the refocus of priorities for law enforcement especially after Arizona was recently flagged in a Department of Justice report citing a higher than national average for violent and property crime.

Councilwoman Lori Matthews was the lone no vote on the resolution.

* photo credit Bob Thorpe

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4 replies

  1. Jeff I moved away from Flagstaff due to my wife’s health. I follow your link to keep informed of what is happening in a community I truly enjoyed when I lived there.
    It seems the city government is completely unaware of their jurisdiction, boundaries and focus. This is not a city issue and if they debated this for hours then that is 4 hours wasted on things they have no authority over.
    The time could have used dealing with the issues of the community – traffic, student housing, snow removal, supporting the city services and other city related long term issues.
    So I am now happy I left that what used to be a beautiful community as it is following the steps of San Francisco ( which is where Coral wanted to take it) and we know what happened there and it is almost unlivable. Good Luck I think you guys will need it.

  2. Thx Bob Thorpe for your photo Tuesday & Thx Lorie for your NO vote on that council.

  3. Thx Lori Matthews for your most important vote regarding the protection of LIFE

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