TopNews3-8-23: Breaking up Maricopa, bobcats and today’s show.

Push to break Maricopa into four smaller counties fails AZ Senate by a 12-18 vote. While voting with Democrats to defeat the bill, Republicans from Arizona’s Freedom Caucus cited concerns about growing government and creating three new bureaucracies. Maricopa County is by far the largest of Arizona’s 15 counties with over 4.5 million of the states 7.5 million residents. The county also has more representatives in the legislature than any other county as well as 7 of the states 9 Congressional Representatives. Senator Hoffman said he’d bring the bill back again next year. Jeff’s take…we should elect Senators by county to give rural counties more equal representation at the legislature.

Bobcat takes up residence in Arizona home. AZ Game and fish shared a photo of a bobcat snoozing inside someone’s San Manual home in southern Arizona. The resident called them to remove the cat. According to reports, the bobcat cane through the dog door and the homes dog was severely injured.

Pic from AZ Game & Fish

Former Navajo President Peterson Zah passes away Tuesday at the age of 85.

Flagstaff City Council votes 6-1 to support late term abortion. More info in this story here.

Complaints grow about lack of snow removal in Flagstaff. One week after the last storm residents note that some roads remain nearly impassable. Here’s a picture from University Heights in west Flagstaff taken by Mark Haughwout.

On today’s show at 4:06 on 97.1FM, Mark Haughwout shares the story of Ryan Koher, a missionary detained in Mozambique since last year. Bob Thorpe chimes in on new video from January 6th.

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  1. Three cheers for council member Lori Matthews for her vote on International Women’s Day…because she & I are WOMEN who lactate & have babies !!!

  2. More Rino’s in the Senate ?

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