Massive runoff, evacuations in Verde Valley…pics from my backyard! by Jeff Oravits

West Clear Creek runs through the northern portion of our property east of Camp Verde. The creek is normally about 10’ wide and 2’ deep.

The floods ran about 200’ across. Normal creek width at this section is about 8-10’. Dept was well over 12’.

Last nights rain combined with runoff from the rim brought the creek water about 2’ shy of breaching the “higher ground” of our property. Fortunately it’s now slowly receding.

View from the back yard. Normally you walk down about an 8’ bank to the creek bed.
Our normal game watching spot is flooded.

Evacuations were recommended for areas of Camp Verde, including ours. We loaded up and lined up our vehicles just in case.

Vehicles at the ready.

Logs and other debris shot down the creek including large cottonwood stumps the size of small vehicles.

My son Owen assesses the damage from flooding.

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  1. DO NOT drop that cup of coffee Jeff. Jillian & Tommy drink coffee with our rescue teams. Enjoy Erin go bragh Friday with bubbly water in your beer 🍺 mugs

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