TopNews3/24: 5th snowiest, bodies found, rare astronomical phenomenon

5th snowiest winter on record. At 159.2” of snow reported at the Flagstaff Airport so far this season, Flagstaff has now seen its 5th snowiest winter on record. The Arizona Snowbowl has received 381” of snow.

Snow run off and spring storms have caused flooding throughout the state with reservoirs overflowing and several evacuations ordered this week due to swollen creeks and rivers. A body of a woman was discovered outside Holbrook after she and her husband got caught in flood waters while crossing a wash. Two bodies were discovered outside Payson after an elderly couples vehicle was caught in flood waters.

Look up in the sky for a rare astronomical event March 25-30, when Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Uranus will all be clustered near the moon. A fast-moving asteroid, named DZ2, will also pass close to Earth Saturday. It measures about 100’ and is expected to pass safety by at about 107,000 miles.

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