Ep. 1631: Restraining orders, CNNs view of CITY FOLK vs. “rural” farmers + “cable news” and generational gaps

Ep. 1631: Restraining orders, CNNs view of CITY FOLK vs. “rural” farmers + “cable news” and generational gaps

Let’s bring back comedy in America + title 42 chaos, Humboldt residents speak up, Arizona budget passes, Jeff recaps the good and the bad. 

(24:00) Generational divide? Why Jeff and Angela don’t watch “CABLE NEWS”. 

(34:00) Packs of terrorizing mountain lions “rampaging” guinea pigs and sharknado’s!

(45:00) Do the city folk at CNN really think we’re a bunch of “rural” hicks? Jeff and Angela highlight a CNN segment about 4 day school weeks and rural areas. Disconnected much? The NY elite think if you’re rural, you got a farm!

(53:00) What moms really want for Mothers Day. Angela gives details plus shares Mothers Day history. Jeff gives some gift ideas.

(73:00) Jeff and Angela’s movie night with Steve Deace and Nefarious. 

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