Ep. 1638: Olivia, “don’t pet the buffalo + Congressman Biggs debt ceiling update & Mark Haughwout talks marriage! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023_Ep. 1638

Ep. 1638: Olivia, “don’t pet the buffalo + Congressman Biggs debt ceiling update & Mark Haughwout talks marriage! 

Olivia Oravits joins Jeff for the first segment (0:00-24:00) sharing a sad Yellowstone story and what not to do when visiting our National Parks! Jeff shares info on a new potential National Park in Arizona plus a steer on the freeway gets roped! Flagstaff airport set to close for runway work and AZ AG sues telecom company over automated robot calls. Coconino County Deputy Chief Bret Axlund announces bid for Sheriff and three prominent Arizonans get banned from Russia. + Mary Jo shares a good story of a young boy who saved a bus load of kids. 

Congressman Andy Biggs, a member of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee, gives a post Durham report wrap-up (25:00-35:00) and provides some solutions including utilizing the Holman rule to remove top leadership and defunding the FBI and DOJ. Biggs also gives an update on the debt ceiling.

Mark Haughwout talks marriage (44:00-86:00) and the differences between men and women. Jeff and Mark talk about more blowback for companies pushing the transgender agenda. Mark and Jeff discuss the Republican presidential prospects.

INFO on Marks trip to Israel and donation form for the students he’s taking from the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff…LINK to donate


I’m helping lead a group from Indian Bible College to Israel to dig at the archaeological site of ancient Shiloh, June 1-13.

The Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle were at Shiloh for about 450 years (during the period recorded in the Biblical books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth and 1st Samuel).  This dig is the largest in Israel and is run by Associates for Biblical Research.  I spent a week digging with them last year.  I personally found a piece of pottery from the Iron Age along with a few other things as we dug out the ancient walls.  

This year I will have three Navajo students from Indian Bible College of Flagstaff AZ digging with me.  The president of the school, Jason Koppen, and his wife will also join us in the dig.  We will dig for 5 days from June 5-9 with some travel and educational time on either end of the dig.  There will be some costs that the students will incur and I am helping them raise some funds.  I have personally contributed airline tickets and will help them in other ways.

However I am also asking you to consider giving a small amount to this endeavor.  I believe this is an amazing opportunity for both the students and for the overall project.

Here is a link to donate.  Click on “overseas trips” and be sure to note “Israel” in the comment line.  Feel free to ask any questions markhaughwout@gmail.com.



PS…a pic from last years dig…


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