June 23rd, 5:30PM.  Stop by and say hi to Jeff and Chaz at the Flagstaff Pro Rodeo.

June 24th, 11AM.  Congressman Paul Gosar, Jeff Oravits and others scheduled to speak at Flagstaff Republican Women’s Annual Picnic in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Tickets available by emailing:

July 4th, 9AM.  Flagstaff Fourth of July Parade.  Join Jeff and march in support of the Conservative Coalition of Northern Arizona.  Email for details.  

To schedule Jeff Oravits for a speaking engagement or other special events send requests to

One thought on “EVENTS

  1. Jeff,

    I like your show and listen to it regularly. I’m involved in environmental issues in Northern AZ — have been since 1980. I hear you’re going to have Tom O’Halleran on your show today and one of this topics will be “forest” issues. Just for fun check my website: One way to get to it is Google “conservative environmentalism” my website will probably be two of the first five hits.

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