Jeff Oravits is a businessman, investor and host of the Jeff Oravits Show which airs Monday-Friday on 97.1FM and online.  Jeff has served on various committees and commissions over the years as well as being elected to and serving on the Flagstaff City Council from 2012-2016.

Jeff and his wife Angela have been married for 19 years and have 2 daughters and a son and have lived in Northern Arizona for over 25 years.

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  1. I am a recent transplant from the Valley. I listen to you after SH. I agree with most of what you are saying. Recently about property tax. Why not turn it into a Sales Tax? I could go over the advantages for buyers, govt’s and specific rules about investment properties, etc, but that would be for a later date.

    Think about it… or talk about it…?

  2. Jeff,
    I like your show. Interesting guests! Would like to hear a discussion on free speech on campus. Thoughts, experience at NAU and the like.

  3. thanks for talking about the property taxes in Flag, I left California because of the out of control spending at the state and local level, I felt I was no longer represented in government, if the best a “conservative Republican” can do is dish up a 7% tax increase I wont be buying that second home there…

  4. You said your Facebook page was dead. You don’t allow others to posts other things of interest on that page and you barely touch it to update it. You might as well just shut it down if that is the way it is going to run.

  5. Jeff…What do you know about the antifa training sessions that are going to be held in Flag on the 6, 7, 8th of April? I saw an article at the gateway pundit today that discussed this!!!

  6. 18Mar2019….wanted to thank you again…for yesterday’s show…featuring Ms Yee…and presenting her and hosting..What is going on.?..with our State’s Economy.. and our present $$$$ conditions and the daily education-proposals..for ..the schoolers…with how to balance their personal budgets, etc… With today’ difficult events and kids’ attention..to everyday issues and stresses[IMF FROM COMPUTER USES]… & common money issues are very important, as in paying bills and saving money. 2. Thank you so much..for reviewing…how cities and town’s with City Managers vs Mayor’s/board members’ responsibilites and or No power..and their duties and the Politics..in general..Of who ? really is in Charge and Not ! in Charge…Learning this protocol..myself..in the Town of Camp Verde and coming from a big city..and working at City Hall, of Saint Francis of Assisi…S.F. Ca……I respect…and understand..another issue. Old money..in Frisco..is # 1.! and in Camp Verde…as you reviewed..on your show…City Manager is # 1. as I have experienced.. With my complaints.with no enforcements, by several departments, in this Town..and having forwarded my requests..to the state Ambusman’s [sp]..they referred me…back to the ‘city manager’..for said complaints, of department’s..no enforcements…and Henceforth.. i had to…’forget it’.”Cannot Fight..The Government” I had already..presented these concerns, directly and personally..To Manager Martin…and just got a ‘friendly’ laugh…in return…Again…appreciate..greatly…your important and super show… and You..playing forward…the current events and presenting important topics..as “Taxes…out of sight”/ politicians..leaving the taxpayers..paying forevermore..and how ‘business’ is done..in our state..as in Flagstaff…the most expensive city…in the whole state of Arizona..Whoa…Happy Cheers mr Jeff…and if i live..long enough…Looking forward..to seeing you..in the Governor’s high chair…if you may… Thanks for all you do..for us..Retired and old citizens..in good standings..being ‘Vertical’..anyways..if I may.. Hope your show…today..with our Governor D…goes very well..Indeed. You are Very Well..Indeed ! Happy Cheers Mr Jeff

  7. 30 August 2019..1 Vote, here..for National Sales Tax. And No other Tax ! Hee haa..Remove or discontinue the Federal Reserve System, also. Not in our Constitution, also ! Does the..”No Property Tax, on Senior Citizen” apply to “low income” only ? There is a property tax-Freeze..on increase taxing, if retired owner, is LOW INCOME ONLY. Thank you again..for your current topics and campaigning ! For good Government practices ! How about a review..about all the “existing laws” for good AZ. government.? We do not need..additional laws..on top..of existing laws..just enforce..the EXISTING AZ. N Fed-constitutional laws, as is. The U.S. Courts..are out of control. Retired FBI Director, Comey..will not be Indicted! Big Money..is running the Congress ! President Trump..is almost..a 1 man Government..getting All..he has accomplished, thus far..By this Lonesome ! where are The Republicans..in Congress ? Thank you for your Patriotism and U-R..A-Great American Radio host and Honest Citizen at Large..Like your show..# 1 ! Play it again..i heard..American companies..are producing the American baseball caps..again ! Another 1st..since President Trump’s term..began. All american companies..should begin..to have their products and parts..produced in America, again. Like oil and gas productions, in America again..American oil companies are producing, enough..for exports, but we pay..”high” fuel prices, at the pump ? Why…? Because.. America supports..A-world economy? On the backs of American taxpayers ! And NOW-next is Sanctuary city applications, in Tucson, AZ.!? More taxes..will be needed ! Happy Cheers to you and your lovely family. And celebrate..our Labor Day holiday.. There used to be Labor Day parades..in honor of labor and hardworking citizens..who get the food, on our tables..like our Teamsters/truck drivers ! Bye again…

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