Paul Deasy: Wages, Housing and more

Flagstaff City Council candidate Paul Deasy discussed Flagstaff issues with Jeff today. Full interview available… The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday – Friday from 3-5PM & Sundays at 8:30AM on […]

Vice Mayor Whelan Flying Flag Upside Down

The Vice Mayor of Flagstaff, Jamie Whelan, recently changed her profile picture on Facebook to display an upside down U.S. Flag with the words “in dire distress” typed beneath. According […]

LD6 Candidate Walt Blackman

Walt Blackman returned to the show to talk a bunch of issues including: • The challenges he and his family have faced during this election. • His stance on propositions […]

LINK to register to vote

If you are not registered to vote in Arizona, or you need to update your status, you can do so online. In order to vote in the November 6th General […]

Coconino Treasurer Sarah Benatar

Jeff and Elisha talked with Coconino County Treasurer Sarah Benatar about tax season, collection of property taxes, tax liens and a lot more. Take a listen. The Jeff Oravits Show […]

FLG Council Candidate Regina Salas

Regina Salas returned to the program (former FLG Mayor Jerry Nabours co-hosts) to discuss a bunch of issues including housing costs in Flagstaff, the $15.50 minimum wage and her position […]

10-3-18: The Jeff Oravits Show QUICK Headlines

Flagstaff City Council Replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day NAU’s $7.9 Million Milton Property for “New Entrance” Jeff Flake: ‘We Can’t Have That on the Court’ NAU #1 IN […]

Alex Martinez: FLG City Council Candidate

Alex Martinez is running for the Flagstaff City Council and he visited with Jeff to discuss the future of Flagstaff and his position on various Flagstaff Propositions including prop 422, […]

Commissioner Justin Olson Discusses Prop 127

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Justin Olson returns to the Jeff Oravits show to discuss his position on prop 127, the Clean Energy Initiative, and also to discuss his campaign for the AZ Corporation […]

Sheriff Jim Driscoll Talks I.C.E. Detainers

Coconino County Sheriff Jim Driscoll visited with Jerry Nabours and Jeff Oravits to discuss a bunch of issues including: • Working with I.C.E. • I.C.E. detainers • School safety • […]