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Category: Flagstaff

Paul Deasy: Wages, Housing and more

Flagstaff City Council candidate Paul Deasy discussed Flagstaff issues with Jeff today. Full interview available… The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday – Friday from 3-5PM & Sundays at 8:30AM on […]

Vice Mayor Whelan Flying Flag Upside Down

The Vice Mayor of Flagstaff, Jamie Whelan, recently changed her profile picture on Facebook to display an upside down U.S. Flag with the words “in dire distress” typed beneath. According […]

Coconino Treasurer Sarah Benatar

Jeff and Elisha talked with Coconino County Treasurer Sarah Benatar about tax season, collection of property taxes, tax liens and a lot more. Take a listen. The Jeff Oravits Show […]

FLG Council Candidate Regina Salas

Regina Salas returned to the program (former FLG Mayor Jerry Nabours co-hosts) to discuss a bunch of issues including housing costs in Flagstaff, the $15.50 minimum wage and her position […]

Alex Martinez: FLG City Council Candidate

Alex Martinez is running for the Flagstaff City Council and he visited with Jeff to discuss the future of Flagstaff and his position on various Flagstaff Propositions including prop 422, […]

NAU buying spree in Flagstaff?

Is NAU on a buying spree in Flagstaff? $4.9 million for the old Granny’s Closet? $7.9 million for the old Pawn and Chinese Restaurant. They seem to have unlimited funds […]

Prop 418, FLG wage issue discussed

Steve Finch is the Executive Director of the Flagstaff Lodging and Restaurant Association (FLRA) and Monica Attridge is the CEO of the Hozhoni Foundation, a non profit based in Flagstaff. They both […]