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Category: Flagstaff

1MinuteUpdate: Past Mistakes Admitted?

In this 1MINUTE UPDATE, current Mayor Coral Evans explains to the Flagstaff City Council the outcome of past opposition to student housing projects and that these projects “could have been […]

11/26/18 Podcast: Thorpe, Shimoni

Representative Bob Thorpe and Flagstaff Councilman Elect Adam Shimoni have both been on my show many times individually. After two years, they were on it together talking a broad range […]

10-17-2018 Podcast: Jeff Oravits Show

Impending beer shortage? Halloween cultural appropriation nonsense. State propositions. Local props. Upside down flags and the Robinhood Tax. The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday – Friday from 3-5PM & Sundays […]