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Governor Ducey Appoints Jon Kyl

Governor Ducey appointed former Senator Jon Kyl to the Senate this morning. He will serve until a special election in 2020 and has committed to not running in 2020. Here’s […]

Putzova: “Starvation Wages Act”

Flagstaff City Councilwoman Eva Putzova had a busy day on Twitter. Your official voting guide to the Starvation Wages Act. #VoteNo418 More at We’re still waiting for her to […]

FLG Councilmember Putzova blames AZ Chamber

On Monday the Arizona Supreme Court ruled to block the initiative: “A majority of the court finds the proposition’s description of the change in tax rate combined with the omission […]

Open Primary, Blue Wave, Independents

Always fun when Elisha Dorfsmith co-hosts the Jeff Oravits Show. In this segment Jeff, Elisha and Stan answers a callers question about open primaries, independent voters in Arizona and the […]

McSally defeats Ward & Arpaio

Congresswoman Martha McSally sailed to a landslide victory over Dr. Keli Ward and former Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Arizona Senate primary. She goes on to what is anticipated be […]

Vice President Pence Predicts the Future

Vice President Pence picked the winners before results were announced. Elisha Dorfsmith explains…

Thorpe/Blackman advance LD6. Both on show today.

Representative Bob Thorpe and Walter Blackman both are expected to advance in the Legislative District 6 Republican Primary. 50% of the votes in:  13,432  Thorpe 11,884  Blackman 7,094  McDaniel They […]

Election Results:

EARLY RESULTS LD6 Initially, Thorpe is leading followed by Blackman. U.S. Senate: McSally up on Ward by quite a bit. Corp Comm. Olson and Glassman leading

4 Candidates that should lose, but may not.

We’ll be watching these four races tonight. Jeff talked about these races on the show today. Paul Mosley: The 97 in a 55mph state representative that claimed Legislative Immunity. Don […]

New “Straw Poll” out

Literally a straw poll, a poll on banning straws. The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday – Friday from 3-5PM & Sundays at 8:30AM on 97.1FM and streams at […]