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Category: Misc.

Wendy Rogers vs. Kathy Griffin

Wendy Rogers returned to the show today to discuss her latest campaign ad which featured the image of a fake severed Trump head which Kathy Griffin posed with last year. Griffin said […]

Arrest Warrant Issued for Rep. Paul Mosley

According to Havasu News, an arrest warrant has been issued for AZ Representative Paul Mosley for failure to show up in court. Mosley gained national attention earlier this year for […]

Secretary of State Candidate Steve Gaynor

Steve Gaynor had a big night last Tuesday in the Republican Primary, winning about 66% of the vote over incumbent Michele Reagan. Steve returned to the Jeff Oravits Show today […]

Governor Ducey Appoints Jon Kyl

Governor Ducey appointed former Senator Jon Kyl to the Senate this morning. He will serve until a special election in 2020 and has committed to not running in 2020. Here’s […]

Putzova: “Starvation Wages Act”

Flagstaff City Councilwoman Eva Putzova had a busy day on Twitter. Your official voting guide to the Starvation Wages Act. #VoteNo418 More at We’re still waiting for her to […]

FLG Councilmember Putzova blames AZ Chamber

On Monday the Arizona Supreme Court ruled to block the initiative: “A majority of the court finds the proposition’s description of the change in tax rate combined with the omission […]

Open Primary, Blue Wave, Independents

Always fun when Elisha Dorfsmith co-hosts the Jeff Oravits Show. In this segment Jeff, Elisha and Stan answers a callers question about open primaries, independent voters in Arizona and the […]