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Category: national

“Assault Weapons” Ban? +Environmental Hypocrites!

Elisha Dorfsmith joins me once again to discuss two big issues! A proposed “Assault Weapons” ban and hypocrites in the environmental movement. The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PMONAIR 97.1FMONLINE

From D.C., Jeff Interviews Congressman Gosar

Jeff sat down with Congressman Paul Gosar in Washington D.C. to discuss… – Deportation – Spending & debt – Student loans & debt forgiveness – The temperature (literally and figuratively) […]

Senator Martha McSally

Senator Martha McSally returns to the show and discusses a bunch of issues with Jeff including: Tackling sexual harassment in the militaryMeth problems in AZV.A. fixes in Prescott?Affordable housing& a […]

Author Tom Del BECCARO discusses Mueller Report

Former CA Republican Chairman and author of the Divided Era, Tom Del Beccaro discusses Pres. Trumps exoneration regarding Russian meddling. “This is a seminal moment in American history. Where members […]