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Notable Interviews & Guests:
Senator Jeff Flake…PLAY
Congressman Paul Gosar
Congressman Tom O’Haloran
Secretary of State Michelle ReaganPLAY
Attorney General Mark Brnovich…PLAY
State Treasurer Jeff DeWit…PLAY

Senator Sylvia Allen
Senator Steve Smith…PLAY
Representative Bob Thorpe 7/6/17…PLAY
Rep. Bob Thorpe 8/30/17…Arpaio Pardon Comments…PLAY 
Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin
Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns
Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans…PLAY
Coconino County Board of Supervisor Liz ArchuletaPLAY
Cottonwood Mayor Tim ElinskiPLAY
Flagstaff Councilmember Jim McCarthy…PLAY
Flagstaff Councilmember Scott OvertonPLAY 7/7/17
FUSD Governing Board Member Kara Kelty
Az GOP Chairman Jonathan Lines…PLAY
Former Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours
Former Speaker of the House David Gowan
Sedona Fire District Chief Kris Kazian…PLAY

Local Interest:
Cost of Housing w. Devonna McLaughlin_PLAY
Affordable Housing_It’s Not Working & Politicians Can’t Fix It_PLAY
Coconino Community College with Scott Talboom_PLAY
Timberline Firearms & TrainingPLAY

2018 Candidates

Kevin Cavanaugh (CD1)…PLAY1of2PLAY2of2
Senator Steve Smith (CD1)…PLAY
Omar Navarro (California43 Against Maxine Waters)…PLAY


Jeff Oravits_Send ALL Proposed Tax Increases to Voters_PLAY

Funny Segments
You put what up your nose?…PLAY
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