Below are some videos from the Oravits 2022 Summer Road Trip. Every year we pack up the old trusty camper and hit the road. This year we’ll be making our way from Arizona, through the MidWest to the Great Lakes Area.

DAY 1: Camp Verde, AZ to Pie Town, NM
DAY 1: Camp Verde, AZ to Pie Town, NM

DAY 2: Pie Town, NM to Dalhart, TX
DAY 2: Pie Town, NM to Dalhart, TX

Day 3, Dalhart, TX – Greensburg, KS
Day 3, Dalhart, TX – Greensburg, KS

Note: We weren’t aware of this until after getting here, but Greensburg was the site of a 2007 F5 tornado that leveled the town and killed 11. One of the only buildings remaining was the granary. (photo Fox Weather)

2007 F5 Greensburg detestation. (Fox Weather photo)
From our campsite.

Day 4 Greensburg, KS – Chase Lake, KS

Day 4 brings severe thunderstorms and flooding at our campsite at Chase Lake, outside Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. Some locals stop by to fish plus 24 years of marriage and the “Big Well”

Day 5, Chase Lake, KS – Madison County, Iowa

Leaving Kansas after a night of severe storms. Owen and Olivia state numbers 34 and 35. Stop at St Joseph, Missouri, billed as Wild West town but far from it. A stop “under the bridge downtown” then onto Iowa and the covered bridges of Maddison County.

Day 6 & 7. Bridges of Madison County and a leaky kayak on the Mississippi River.

Day 6 and 7 of our trip starts in Madison County, Iowa, checking out their famed covered bridges from the late 1800’s, followed by a trip to the Colonies of Amana, the rolling Iowa countryside and ending on a leaky kayak on the Mississippi River.

Day 8 Grotto and Mississippi paddleboat.

Day 8 is mostly a travel day from Iowa to Wisconsin with a stop at a Wisconsin cheese shop for some curds, the Grotto in Dickeyville, WI with 5 years of masonry work with a priest and ending with a Mississippi paddle boat in La Crosse.

Day 9 & 10, The North Shore of Lake Superior

Headed north from Minneapolis after Mall of America and a quick airport pickup. Car and other troubles get us into camp late. Headed north of Duluth to the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior.

Day 11 & 12 Lake Superior to Mackinac Island

Looking for moose in northern Minnesota then travel through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan ending with a bike ride around Mackinac Island.

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