#1376: AZ Gubernatorial Candiate Scott Neely + Olivia and Jeff discuss an ATM theft (and toilet paper) and Jeff breaks down AZ inflation data.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Scott Neely is a candidate for governor of Arizona (0:00-43:20) and shares his frustration with the border crisis and lack of action by the Biden and Ducey administrations. Scott also discusses AZ water needs as well as building a desalination plant in Yuma (not Mexico as Ducey has proposed). Other topics discussed: housing costs, labor shortages, higher education vs. trade schools, “resetting” k-12, thinning our forests and many other issues. 

Olivia shares some AZ theft stories (43:21-57:45) including an ATM and toilet paper. Olivia shares info on a play she’s in. Plus, “social equity” pot licenses (huh?). 

Jeff finishes off the show with AZ inflation data (57:46-74:12) including car prices and more. Plus wholesale prices jump higher than expected.

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