Wildfire: Pipeline Fire N. of Flagstaff

Wildfire reported 6 miles north of Flagstaff.

6 miles north of Flagstaff, just west of Schultz Pass. Cause unknown. 80 personal on sight.

Current up to date info here.

Photo courtesy Bob Thorpe
Photo courtesy Bob Thorpe
Photo courtesy Bob Thorpe

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  1. Thx BOB. WE have been volunteering with CERT & other groups since April with horrific wild fires in Coconino county. PLEASE let Wild child Jill & others know if BOB needs more volunteers.

  2. I hope your family in Doney Park is ok. They are on Set to go status. I know from listening to the show that you and your family are on a road trip so I hope you can enjoy the rest of your journey.I think this fire has more people working on it. I saw several planes that would drop fire retardant and the wind has died down. My son was listening on a scanner , he said that a man has been taken in for questioning.

    • Thanks for the update Debra. I spoke with my dad and Rob Wilson who are both in the fire area, for now it appears to have missed. We’ll cross our fingers. I’ll try and get someone from the National forest service on tomorrow. We’re making our way home. In Kansas, back in flagstaff Tuesday.

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