#1407: SCOTUS decisions on guns and abortion + Senate gun control bill + AZ out of control budget 

#1407: Friday, June 24, 2022 

Jeff’s weekly roundup includes 

  • SCOTUS abortion decision and how it may impact Arizona 
  • SCOTUS gun decision when it comes to carry concealed. 
  • AZ Rental tax ban fails due to RINO Senator Boyer. Strapped AZ renters get to continue to shell out $200 million per year. 
  • More on Arizona’s massive, record breaking $18 billion budget. 
  • Freedom Works Senate debate straw poll puts Blake Masters on top. 
  • Jeff answers a question about concealed weapons and the SCOTUS decision.

Let’s recap a very busy week, the bloated AZ budget passes, the Supreme Court hands down several huge decisions and a couple of really dumb ideas from politicians, The Jeff Oravits Show Weekly Roundup, starts now!

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