#1427: AZ Freedom Caucus founded. George Khalif with a new poll on AZ Governors race and more!

#1427: Monday, July 25, 2022

Jeff’s Top News Picks 0:00-18:16

  • Jeff throws out a bunch of political mailers
  • Robson has not lead in any polls. Kari Lake tops another poll.
  • Reeling in the RINO’s? Freedom Caucus founded in Arizona Legislature.
  • WHO…Full on Monkey Pox hysteria has begun! 
  • AZ Border Patrol makes arrests. 
  • Biden wrong again on Covid!

Where’s Sasabe, Arizona? + a Silver Eagle! 18:19-28:53

  • Jeff finds Sasabe, Arizona and discusses the tough job of the US Border Patrol.
  • Another addition to our giveaway. A Silver Eagle from Desert Gold Exchange!
  • The decay of leftest cities in America. Kalamazoo, Michigan joins the ranks!

George Khalif of DataOrbital.com breaks down a new poll showing Kari Lake on top in AZ Gubernatorial race (28:54-43:20) 

and also shares important information on early ballots, data on how many ballots are still out there, comparisons to years past and much more!

Out of touch unelected bureaucrats love ruling over us (43:21-57:05)

So just stop complaining about high prices and…go buy an expensive electric car!

An interview extra real estate update with Kelly Broaddus 57:06-74:07

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