A quick election update…by Jeff Oravits

With about 267,000 votes remaining to be counted, here’s where the election stands in Arizona as of Sunday morning.

Mark Kelly has been projected to win the US Senate seat. Kelly gave a victory speech, Masters has not conceded.

The Governors race is still too close to call but Katie Hobbs has maintained her lead over Kari Lake. The “critical” vote count that posted Saturday night that many speculated would break heavy for Lake did not materialize. Lake needed about 54% of those overall votes but received about 52%, but those were largely washed out by Hobbs receiving a higher percentage out of Pima County. Bottom line, this is becoming a harder road for Lake, she’ll need to get about 58% of the remaining vote to pull ahead.

In the Secretary of State race, Democrat Adrian Fontes has been projected to win with a sizable lead of about 125,000 votes.

The other statewide races are trending similar to the governors race with Democrat Kris Mayes up by about 20,000 votes over Republican Abe Hamadeh. Democrat Kathy Hoffman is up nearly 9,000 votes over Republican Tom Horne for the Superintendent race.

The only statewide races the Republicans seem to be on track to win is the Corporation Commission with Thompson and Meyers up. The Republicans will also hold on to Mine Inspector with Paul Marsh running unopposed and Kimberley Yee will win her bid for re-election as Treasurer by a large margin.

On the Congressional side, Republicans look to up their numbers with 5 members, Biggs, Gosar, Crane, Lesko and newcomer Juan Ciscomani look to be holding a slim lead over his Democrat challenger. Incumbent David SCHWEIKERT is slightly behind in is race. If SCHWEIKERT can retake the lead Republicans will hold 6 of Arizona’s nine seats.

As for the Arizona Legislature…Republicans look to hold a 1 seat majority in each chamber. But, in District 17 there is a very close race for the House and Senate seats with just a couple hundred votes separating the candidates. I’ll be watching these returns from the Tucson area district. If the Democrats take the lead the House and Senate would be deadlocked.

I’ll have more updates on tomorrow’s show at 4PM on 97.1FM in NAZ and streaming at http://www.TalkWithJeff.com

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  1. Thank you got the concise update!

  2. Thx 4 these up dates Jeff. We will miss your shows beginning tomorrow as we will return to our Las Vegas house & help those voters finish 😉 VOTING !!! Happy trails 👣 TO YOU…

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