TopNews3-29: Trump indictment not so imminent, Hobbs press secretary out, Ring for Congress?

Trump imminent indictment not so imminent after all. Grand Jury in Manhattan that was supposedly on the cusp of indicting former President Donald Trump is taking the month of April off.

Govenor Hobbs Press Secretary resigns after tweet suggesting violence to “transphobes”. Josselyn Berry tweeted out “us when we see transphobes,” with a picture of a woman holding a gun just hours after the Nashville, TN Christian school shooting that left 6 dead, including 3 children, by a transgender woman. Hobbs accepted her resignation earlier today.

Coconino County Attorney Bill Ring not seeking re-election in 2024. The Democrat is serving his first term and in his press release he stated that “a run for Congress or other elected office has not been ruled out.”

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Other Top News Picks…

Hobbs vetoes grocery tax ban. The Republican supported legislation would have banned the nearly 2/3 of Arizona towns and cities who currently institute a sales tax on groceries. Banning this tax would have saved Arizona households an estimated $200 million per year. 

Judge orders Phoenix to clean up “the zone”. Downtown business owners brought suit against the city and Judge Scott Blaney ruled in favor of the business owners ordering the City of Phoenix to clean up the huge homeless encampment. Citing an increase in crime, public drug usage and bio hazards, the judge called the site a “public nuisance” 

Pajama bank robbers apprehended. A 15 and 16 year old suspects were arrested in California for allegedly robbing a Flagstaff Sun West Bank last week. 

Arizona House proposing a $10,000 raise for teachers. The Republican measure is being opposed by some Democrats due to the use of $1 billion in one time Covid relief funds and a need for an annual repeal of the spending cap.

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